Franking Machines for Slimming World Consultants (FP Offer)

fp-postbase-miniFP (Francotp-Postalia) are currently (November 2015) offering a Franking Machine to Slimming World Consultants with 4 months free (on a 12 month contract).

Updated: November 2015 – more items have been added to the offer

The Deal

The price is £20 + VAT for the fully inclusive option, where you pay for the postage only.

  • Free fully comprehensive Maintenance
  • Free Scales up to 2kg
  • Free Company Logo x 3
  • Accounting facility for 3 users
  • Free SMS text facility – enables alternative advertising
  • Free External Return Address – ERA
  • Free Licence under Royal Mail
  • 12 Free Re-Credits per year
  • Free Rate changes
  • 1 Free Ink Cartridge (up to 4200 impressions)
  • Personal Account Manager for service/support
  • New – Nov 2015: MailMark system (saves more money against stamps)
  • New – Nov 2015: Recredit using Wifi/LAN options
  • New – Nov 2015: Choice of colours for the scales!
  • New – Nov 2015: Free Delivery within days

With 4 months free, this works out at £20 + VAT a month for 8 months (£192 / 12 months = £16/month)

Franking Machine Calculator

To check if this would be something you could save money on, download the Franking Machine Calculator which will allow you to compare the cost of stamps against the franking machine charges.

Note: The calculator is correct as of the April 2015 deal and has not yet been updated. Since creating, the price of franking has fallen from 39p to 36p for second class using MailMark.


Who else uses it?

We have been informed by FP Mailing that over 133 other consultants have taken this offer to date.

Next steps

To receive further information, please complete the form below, and a member of the team at FP Mailing will get in contact with further information about this offer.

You’re under no obligation from FP Mailing to order, they will simply contact you with a quote and further information about the deal for Slimming World consultants.