Malgra Network Survey – August 2019

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We have a small survey (takes around 2-3 minutes) in regards to how we provide information to consultants, through our Facebook group, our tax guide, our spreadsheets, and more.

We’re currently reviewing how we provide this formation and looking at ways to contribute towards our Knowledge Base server costs (now over £150 a month!), therefore the information you provide will help us adapt our services going forward.

This survey is to understand how one option (subscriptions – including a free option) is received by the community. We’ve made no decisions as yet how to proceed – this is to see what the consensus is on this.

You can provide your responses through the form below.

As a thank you, we’re offering 3 x £10 Amazon Gift vouchers to random people who provide their opinion.

Please note your responses are held separately to the email address, therefore we will not be identifying anyone from these.


Ending sales of PVC Member Card Holders

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It has become a new, horrible norm. Our marine life is today being choked by a gathering minefield of plastic in our oceans, and the images make for stark viewing. A rainbow runner fish with a disturbing kaleidoscope of plastic bits in its liver. A mahi mahi fish with plastic bottle caps in its stomach. Or the mussels and clams, the filters of the sea, that harbour hidden microplastics, invisible to our naked eye.


Removing PVC Card Holders from our online store

Since 2013, we’ve sold over 790,000 member card holders to Slimming World Consultants, and it continues to be our most popular product. However we know that the number being used in regular circulation will be far lower, and worryingly, the waste plastic from this amount is something we cannot begin to imagine.

Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to cease sales of our popular Member Card Holders. This will take affect from the end of our current stock levels, which are forecast to run until the end of November. We have no plans to continue with the replenishing of these stocks once they have gone.

We appreciate that Member Card Holders are essential for consultants to help members’ keep their membership cards safe with their books, and we would recommend that future designs of member packs include the ability to hold these cards safely in such a way which reduces waste plastic. Additionally, the materials used can be from recycled backgrounds, to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.

At Malgra, we’re aiming to be plastic free in all of our products and services going forward – working with our partners (such as our book publishing team) to ensure that the amount of plastic and non-recyclable items are eliminated where possible, and using organisations which follow the same ethos.

Thank you for your support with this.



SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Update

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Strong Customer Authentication (Known as SCA) is a new piece of regulation which takes effect from 14 September 2019, and requires merchants (people who sell online) to use multiple methods of verifying customers’ identities.

This means, when you purchase something online through a UK based business, the payment processing part of the order will need to undergo further checks before being approved.

Many organisations have moved to this – you may receive a ‘push message’ on your mobile phone from your bank when paying for services or products online, or required to input a code.

Malgra Store Purchases

Our payments processor for Malgra Store purchases (either PayPal or Stripe Digital, depending on your location/status) is ready for SCA and is already live.

You may be asked to confirm your purchase details with your bank, using either 3D secure or an alternative system, depending on your bank (e.g. such as a text message confirmation).

MalgraBooks Packages

A small number of clients who currently pay for their packages through recurring card payment may be required to re-input their details into a new secure portal, or provide additional authentication elements as required by your bank. If you’re affected, our team have been in contact with you already.

If you pay for your package with a card agreement, and your monthly price changes (such as from an upgrade or downgrade), you’ll need to re-authenticate your details.

MalgraBooks has been fully live since 1 July 2019 with this new regulation for new clients and renewals. If you pay for your services by credit/debit card, or by recurring card payments, you’ll automatically be subjected to this additional security on your account.

Website Refresh (April 2019)

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A warm welcome to our refreshed website. Following feedback, we’ve taken the opportunity to update and upgrade parts of the Malgra websites to further enhance the service provided to clients.

Through the top of each page, you’ll see a link to other areas of the Malgra group.

We’ve added a new special offers page to highlight items currently on sale.

Finally, you’ll find that the My Account section has also had a full update, and now provides details on all orders back to 2015.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact the team!

Easter 2019 Opening Hours

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Our teams will be unavailable across the Easter Bank Holiday – details of availability is provided below.


Malgra Store Support

Closed: April 19 – 22 inclusive

Note: Purchases can continue to be made during this time, and orders will be processed from 23 April onwards.


MalgraBooks Consultant Accounting

Our support team will be available as normal during this time, for MalgraBooks Clients.

Please contact the team through your support channel (Email / Live Chat) and our team will be in touch within 24 hours as normal.

Price Changes – 25 March 2019

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Due to price increases with our European partners, we are regretfully increasing our prices from 25 March 2019. The increase is approximately 2%.

This affects the following products:

  • Member Card Holders
  • Website hosting*

* Legacy product: no-longer available to new customers

Other services/products remain unaffected.


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 Pro will be decreasing by 10%


Postage Changes

Royal Mail are increasing postage costs from 25 March 2019.

As a result, premium delivery services will be increased to adapt to changes for postage from Royal Mail.

Free delivery remains on orders over £25.

Christmas Opening Times

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Over the festive period we run a reduced service. Please see below for details.

  • Friday 21 December: Normal Office Hours
  • Saturday 22 December: Closed
  • Sunday 23 December: Closed
  • Monday 24 December: Closed
  • Tuesday 25 December: Closed
  • Wednesday 26 December: Closed
  • Thursday 27 December: Normal Office Hours
  • Friday 28 December: Normal Office Hours
  • Saturday 29 December: Closed
  • Sunday 30 December: Closed
  • Monday 31 December: Normal Office Hours
  • Tuesday 1 January: Closed
  • Wednesday 2 January: Return to Normal Office Hours

*Orders placed on a closed day will be processed on the next office day, subject to the postage service chosen at checkout.


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